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by | 14 Nov 2021 | Tropical

We’ve been busy expanding and updating our tropical area to create an inspirational ‘mini jungle’ for you to wonder through and enjoy the sight, feel and scent of the trees in a natural environment with bird and animal sounds emphasing the native feel. We are careful to ensure the trees & plants are sourced from growers in a similar environment to the UK to make sure each item will flourish in our climate.

Our expanded range (as at mid November) now includes:

    • Trachycarpus fan palms
    • Torbay palms In green and red
    • Canary date palms
    • Citrus lemon
    • Citrus calamondin
    • Fatsia japonica
    • Black bamboo
    • Golden cane bamboo
    • Yellow & green stem bamboo
    • Fountain bamboo
    • Gunnera
    • Nandina domestica
    • Green bamboo
    • Cloud pruned, Cupressus
    • Arrow bamboo
    • Pittosporum
    • Ferns
    • Phormiums
    • Italian cypress
    • Monkey puzzles
    • Olive trees
    • Eucalyptus

So come along and wonder through our inspiring jungle where you can choose the plants and trees that will suit your garden or conservatory. But please bear in mind that there is a limited supply so to have a choice from the whole range – don’t leave it to long. And if you need advise on how to plant, grow and care for them, then please just ask and we will be delighted to help. And, of course, if required we will assist in getting your new purchases into your car or for larger items, we will deliver free of charge.

We look forward to seeing you soon

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