Email Setup

For those with an existing Gmail account, you can add your work email e.g. to you gmail account, allowing you to receive and send emails from both gmail and the-nursery all in one place.

For those without a Gmail account, we recommend Bluemail which is available for Windows, Android and IOS (iPhone). You can add multiple email accounts to Bluemail allowing you to receive and send emails from several accounts all in one place. You will need to download & install the app from Google Play (Android), App Store (iPhone) or from the Bluemail website for desktop on Windows, Mac or Linux:

To setup your account on either Gmail or Bluemail, follow the below instructions:

  1. Open the Gmail or Bluemail app. On Gmail tap the menu icon at the upper-left corner of the screen and select Settings or on Bluemail tap the three dots at the bottom of the screen & select Accounts.
  2. On the Gmail Settings or Bluemail Accounts screen, tap Add account.
  3. You’ll see a Set up email window where you need to choose an email service. Since we’re about to set up a custom email, select Other.
  4. Enter your full email address and tap Manual Setup on Gmail.
  5. The app will ask what account type your email is, which means choosing an email protocol to use. We recommend selecting IMAP since it lets you synchronize the email inbox across multiple devices. To do so, tap (IMAP).
  6. Fill in the password and tap Next.
  7. Now it’s time to configure the Incoming server settings. The Username and Password fields will be automatically filled in with the appropriate details.
  8. Specify your IMAP Server and Port number. The Incoming Server should be and the Port 993.
  9. Still on the incoming server settings screen, click the drop-down menu under the Security type Select SSL/TLS, then tap the Next button.
  10. Next, configure the Outgoing server settings. Both the Usernameand Password fieds will be automatically filled with your full email address and email password.
  11. On the same outgoing server settings screen, enter into the SMTP Server field and the Port 465. Tap Next.
  12. On the Account options screen, set up any additional preferences. Tap Next.
  13. Lastly, type in Your name, which is the display name on messages you send from this account. You can also set an Account name. Tap Next to finish the process.