Closed but open2

As a result of the Coronavirus and associated restrictions, the garden centre is closed to customers until such time as the government advises that it’s safe for our customers and staff to re-open. In order to keep our customers gardening, a truly healthy activity both physically and mentally, we have setup a temporary online ordering system. However, our business was not designed to operate this way and dealing with thousands of emails & phone calls as well as putting orders together and delivering them is proving to be extremely difficult.

We have very limited resources and the volume of orders is exceeding our capacity to deliver. Thus, the time from order to delivery is increasing and currently you could be waiting up to a fortnight for your ordered goods to arrive. While we apologise for this delay, we are committed to keeping our customers supplied and will continue to do our very best.

Much of our time is wasted having to sort out un-clear orders. We need specific, clear and concise orders so that the processing time is minimised. We therefore seek your cooperation and request that you think your requirements through before ordering and when completing the online order, to be as clear as possible and to ahere to the Terms & Conditions. For orders that do not meet this criteria, we may have no alternative but to delete the order and ask you to re-submit a new order that does conform. We are also frequently asked for our compost prices which you can see here